“Who are you? Who are you, where did you come from? (…) Who says that? Roddenberry might come back?! What?!!”  - Chris Gethard, Former MNN Public Access Host

 “I love watching other dudes’ faces when you do a set for the first time that they’ve seen, ‘cause I promise you, when we take a first look at you, none of us are expecting what comes out of you. ” - fellow comedy aspirant

She real tho’….she real tho’” - Crown Heights audience member

But all these nice comments on youtube are from your friends right?”—jaded teenager
"No, I don’t know any of those people.” - me
Oh……alright then. Not bad. Huh. Not bad.“ - surprised teenager

Here’s a link to a video, I enjoyed her whole set“ - MachWorx, reddit/r/standupshots

“You can’t just hand out a fake pop quiz where all the correct answers are "C: phallus” and expect that to be funny.” - York County School of the Arts Director, 1995

And then this one time I decided to finally see what all this /r/standupshots noise was about and that led over to the YouTubers and then I came back to say that you are delightful.“ - llahsram, redditor

OMG! I can’t get enough of your (Star) Trek parody. As soon as they said “we seem to have stopped…” I actually turned to my cat and went “Q”! - username naughtyfairyspirit

"You’re amazing!” - drunk woman in audience in the Berkshires

“You’re beautiful!” - drunk man in audience in the East Village

“You suck!” - sober woman in audience in the East Village

That’s a great observation!“ - drunk guy at Botanica

dude I’m still promoting this bitch” - Zito773, youTuber