podKats - GET IN ON THE GROUND FLOOR. Comedians answer questions posed by a curious Kat. In this case, the question is “Dude, what were you doing with that puppet?” Our guests are Shakir Standley (you need to hear about Steve) and Lucas Connolly

Episode 3 of podKats returns with verve slightly lowered but a DELIGHTFUL guest star!

In this episode - BFF-to-the-world Psyche unwittingly becomes part of the podcast when old voicemails I saved struck my damn fancy. Nathan Fillion teams up with Amy Poehler and Adam Scott to make Psyche’s whole life. This is the longest you will ever hear Psyche go without mentioning her cats.

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Host - Kat Burdick @TheKatBurdick  Comedian/Oddball/Jack of all Trades.

Guest - Psyche Ready @psychezarah Helps Adults with Developmental Disablities Navigate Bureaucracy