My Dumb Think Piece About Salon's Dumb Think Piece about Hannibal Burress's "Move On" Tweet

.....that for some reason after "registering" and submitting repeatedly as a just doesn't show up. Sure, I should get a life. Sure, at this point it's me bitching at a lady for bitching at a dude about a tweet he tweeted in response to her tweet about his show staff. We all live in Hell now. This is how it is. I wanna be a comic and make people laugh and instead I gotta sit around having debate club every damn day.

If you haven't read it and want to ride this ride just go to Salon and type in Hannibal Burress into the search bar. I'll take the time to write an essay on it but damned if I'll give them the gift of a referral link.
For real? Get that "Broad City" has a lot of women involved because the show is primarily about women. Hannibal is a dude and he can also write his way. We haven't even seen the work yet.

I want parity. PARITY. Equal opportunity to make and create and participate. 

That is NOT an enforced 50/50% everywhere at all times in every single room and venue! 


And some times it'll be nice to have mostly women so how could I act like every room with a bunch of men is ALWAYS cut on me?

Count, sure. Ask, sure. But it'd be better to SUBMIT SOMETHING AMAZING TO THE SHOW if you want there to be more women on staff...instead of writing this stuff, and making the one writer who is a woman maybe feel weird about it. Before she was a writer on the new Hannibal Burress dealio. Now you got her put in this weird spot where she's "The Lone Woman Writer!"  (*cue that noise they play right before an old west gunfight*). Give a bitch a season! 

This guy called out a huge hero who was in all of his same brackets...male, black, comic....lots of reasons to close ranks......but he called him out for being a hypocrite and terrible to women, at significant risk to himself, and it's still "NOT ENOUGH NOW NOW NOW" about how the guy wants to run his show. And you wanna give me a list of shows on TV with a black lady writer on staff who is NOT Shonda Rhimes? I mean, while we're counting things!

We're all easing into the hot bath of equality over this last century+, sure, but screaming the whole time just seems to make it harder. A tweet of the count I get, sure, food for thought.........but repeated think pieces?

And "combative"? Over ""Champ" and "Move on"? Literally asking you to leave is somehow combat? Does Salon ever do think pieces on knee-jerk stereotyping black men as violent by any chance?

I get the intent but the message I think I would likely get if I was a dude trapped in the same patriarchal whirlwind of fun we all are,  would be "anything less than constant PERFECTION in our eyes and we WILL do think pieces with titles that imply you're a jag!" 

I might want to have a writing staff with 9 women and 1 man on it someday, and if I do....I'd like you to get off my (proverbial) dick about it. (I forget which proverb.)

And if I DO have one that's 50/50, and things go well or go terribly, it won't have a damn thing to do with everyone's pelvic combo platters  so much as all 10 brains.

Kat Burdick
Internet Menace