There's This Thing I Hate #1

There's this thing I hate, in comedy (though it comes from human nature, it's not endemic to comedy) where we all pile on.  We talk about the very same thing at the same time. The news of the day comes out and everybody does their take on it. 

It feels like school, like we're all showing up having done the assignment. Like the class clowns all got sentenced to voluntarily do what they refused to do in school.  "This is what you will think about. This is what's prime right now. This is what deserves your hour free in your day of scrambling." It's not even about being "hack" or anything.....I get that there's nothing new under the sun and you're gonna talk about covered ground somehow. It's about variety.....and style!....and what we're missing by not talking about what we truly know about, or explore performing something unusual rather than the assigned media "What If?" or "Did They?" or "How Terrible!" of the day.  

I'm a contrary bitch and I always hated doing the assignment.  I usually completed my schoolwork very fast and I'd be complimented on it as if it was because I was studious and eager....but the truth of my motivation was I wanted it OUT OF MY WAY so I could use my brain and hands and eyes for what *I* was interested in ! Reading the extra book in my backpack. Reading the other extra book in my backpack. Putting together the balsa model plane glider in my backpack. Trading cards (baseball, GPK, yMTVr) from my backpack. Selling custom (albeit knockoff) drawings of the Simpsons out of my backpack. My backpack weighed 47 pounds. 

I don't mind hearing about dating websites and celebrities and the latest cover of whatever magazine, that can be fun, sure! And I get that trying to get noticed by shows that punch up the news for a living requires showing a certain ability to generate that kind of stuff....but.....for comedy's sake....

god bless the little breaths of fresh air that come in and talk about ANYTHING ELSE. 

Everybody is so much more than what's trending on twitter.  

I want to hear it.