Shooting Inside A Car : Less Dangerous Than It Sounds

Ok, want to have decent video inside of your car.But you don't have a ton of $$$ for fancy rigs. What's the best solution to produce nice video and get all the occupants of the vehicle?

1) This assumes you have an iPhone (or similar smartphone) long as it has decent camera for video it'll work. Make sure you have enough room in memory, and that you have the video settings on the highest quality. I'm using an iPhone in this example but...

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Sympathy for the Debil : Michael Eisner & Kathy Griffin (Dumb Think Piece Of The Week)

Eisner? He's a doofus. He was one of those guys raised in an era where a woman got backhanded if she had a great comeback, and he expects to really be able to evaluate whether women have the chops to be funny? Gee, what reason would women have for being polite and soft-spoken? Hmmmmmm. Big mystery. You know who's not funny? Theon Greyjoy. 

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My Dumb Think Piece About Salon's Dumb Think Piece about Hannibal Burress's "Move On" Tweet

.....that for some reason after "registering" and submitting repeatedly as a just doesn't show up. Sure, I should get a life. Sure, at this point it's me bitching at a lady for bitching at a dude about a tweet he tweeted in response to her tweet about his show staff. We all live in Hell now. This is how it is. I wanna be a comic and make people laugh and instead I gotta sit around having debate club every damn day.

If you haven't read it and want to ride this ride just go to Salon and type in Hannibal Burress into the search bar. I'll take the time to write an essay on it but damned if I'll give them the gift of a referral link.

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Domination Imagination : Podcast Edition

A great thing about NOT getting to do a thing you longed to do, is that in the fantasy you get to have a flawless victory!

For instance, I am not on 'Race Wars' today, but I am very excited to hear my esteemed bosslady at Right NOW!, Carolyn Castiglia on the show @ 5PM!

BUT that does NOT prevent the fantasy! 

Check me here just nailing guest Ann Coulter and host Kurt Metzger, somehow without anyone else getting a word in edgewise, in essay format, starting with me name checking Anne Shirley.

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There's This Thing I Hate #1

There's this thing I hate, in comedy (though it comes from human nature, it's not endemic to comedy) where we all pile on.  We talk about the very same thing at the same time. The news of the day comes out and everybody does their take on it. 

It feels like school, like we're all showing up having done the assignment.

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