Let's Say You're Right! The Creek & The Cave, LIC, January 21st, 9pm

Badass Past Shows:

*Let's Say You're Right! The Creek & The Cave, LIC, December 17th, 9pm
*Let's Say You're Right! The Creek & The Cave, LIC, November 19th 9 pm
*ShitSHOW!, Union Hall, Brooklyn, June 9th, 8pm
*Women of Letters,  Joe's Pub (Public Theater),  December 7th, 8pm
*Knockin' Boots, Two Boots, Brooklyn, Jan 4th, 8pm
*Transplants, QED, Queens, October 6th, 8pm
*Baby & Me Comedy, QED, Queens, October 21st 3pm
*Fresh Fifteen, ECG, Brooklyn, June 27th, 10pm
*Homeschooled, UCB East, NYC,  Tuesday, July 12, 9:30pm
*Hartford Funny Bone, Manchester CT, July 14th, 10pm
*My First Time Show, QED, Astoria, August 17th, 9pm
*What Are You Afraid Of? QED Astoria, Thursday, May 26th, 7:30pm
The Dirty Show, Precious Metal, Brooklyn, June 3rd, 10:30pm
"Kat Burdick's Guide To Predators & Prey" @ ECG, Brooklyn, Monday, June 13th, 8pm
Right NOW! w/ Carolyn Castiglia, Union Hall, June 16th, 8pm
Pan Monthly, Suite Bar, NYC, Thursday May 12th 8pm
Transplants, QED, Astoria, May 6th 7.30pm
Creek Cave Live, The Creek & Cave, LIC, Wednesday May 4th, 8pm
Surprise Stories, The Unicorn, Queens, NY, Saturday, April 23rd 8pm
Creek Cave Live, The Creek & Cave, LIC, Friday  April 22nd, 10pm
Art School Acid Trip Dropout, Creek & Cave, LIC,  March 27th, 10pm
Karmic Relief 2016, Chester CT, March 19th, 9pm
Caberet of Hygenic Arts Festival, New London, CT, Thurs February 4th, 8pm

Dudes Being Dudes, Over the Eight, Brooklyn, Tuesday Jan 12th, 8pm
I Saw Her Stand UP There QED, Astoria, Friday July 17th, 7:30pm
Giggle Pit Comedy Kilmat Lounge, 77 East 7th St, Manhattan, Monday July 20th,  6PM
Knockin' Boots Comedy Two Boots Park Slope,  Brooklyn, Monday September 2nd, 8pm
Tinder Live w Lane Moore - Knitting Factory, Brooklyn- Friday June 26th 8PM
AMAZINGtown @ Bunga's Den, Manhattan, June 29th 8PM
It's Sooo UP & Coming - 739 Franklin Bar & Lounge, Brooklyn,  July 2nd 8PM
The PARTY @ Kings County Saloon- 
1 Knickerbocker Ave - Brooklyn, July 7th 9:30PM
Big Effin' Deal - at 2A in the east Village, NYC, June 17th 8pm
Border Warz - The Creek & the Cave, LIC -  June 3rd, 8pm
Bossy Bitches - Stairs Bar, NYC - May 1st 7pM
Comedy At Castle - Tuesday, April 7 at 8:00pM
Limited Time Offer! - QED, Astoria  - March 19, 8:30pm
Comedy Schmomedy Show - Parkside Lounge NYC - March 6th, Friday, 7pm
Truth Be Told, Oct 17th, 8:30pm, Karma Lounge, NYC
The Naked Show October 17th, Midnight, The Creek & Cave, LIC
Bayside Myself Sept 21st, 8pm The Creek and Cave,  LIC
Somethin Somethin Sept 23rd, 8pm, Brooklyn
The Party! October 7th, 8pm King’s County Saloon
“Noise Factory" August 20th, 8pm,the Grisly Pear, NYC
Dudes Being Dudes Being Dudes, May 17th Creek & Cave, LIC
Otakulypse May 16th at 9pm, Creek & Cave, LIC
To The Nines, May 9th at 9pm, Stand UP NY, Manhattan
Unfiltered Results, May 13th at 8pm, Laughing Devil, LIC
Dudes Being Dudes Being Dudes, May 17th, 11pm, The Creek & Cave, LIC
Death Comedy Jam June 12th at 10pm, The Creek and Cave LIC
*The Quota - May 4, Creek & The Cave LIC, NYC
*”Laugh Lounge Show” April 12 - Spice Dragon Stage - The Berkshires, Mass
*It’s Soooo Up and Coming - April 3 - 10pm - 739 Franklin, Brooklyn
*Saw Her Standup There - March 24th - 7pm - Spike Hill in Williamsburg
*Brooklyn STANDUP March 17th - 7pm - Over the Eight in Brooklyn
*DST3K - Feb 20th - 10 pm (Thurs) - The Laughing Devil
*Sketch Block NYC - Feb 13 (Thurs) - 9 pm - Under St Marks NYC
*Somewhere in Schenectady- Feb 8th - 8pm - Schenectady, NYC
*Modern Day Philosophers @ The Creek & Cave - 8pm - Feb 6th
*School Night @ Upright Citizens Brigade (NYC Chelsea) - 11pm -  Feb 5, 2014
*r/standup Hosting Reddit’s Stand Up Show Dec 18 @ The Creek & Cave in LIC
*Bayside Myself Episode Four - 9:30pm Dec 9 @ The Creek & Cave in LIC
*Spaceship!ROCKETSHIP! @9pm Nov 20 @ 20SidedDie in Brooklyn
*Free Cable! @ 9pm-  Nov 11 at Over the Eight in Brooklyn NYC
*r/standup Reddit’s Stand Up Show @ 10pm - Nov 6 @ The Creek & Cave in LIC
*She-Devil Comedy Festival (Hosting) @ 8 & 10:30pm - Oct 26 at the Laughing Devil
*Story Barn @ 7:30pm - Oct 25 @ Greenwich Historical Society Greenwich CT
*Tiger Con @ 9pm - Oct 19 @ Townson College, Townson, Maryland
*Cheap Date Comedy presented by Sharron Paul Oct 8 @ Union Hall Brooklyn
*Comedy Anomaly with Alyssa Wolff Sept 17 @ Three of Cups
*I love you show! w/ Patrick Reilly, Creek & Cave August 30 @ 9pm
*DST3K show with Will Carey for the movie “Firecracker” August 15 - @ the Laughing Devil Comedy Club at 10pm
*r/standup @ the Creek and the Cave July 31st, 10pm
*SPACESHIP!ROCKETSHIP! @ the Creek &the Cave July 28, 10pm
*Comedy on Franklin @739 Franklin, April 14th, 10pm
*Stand-Up Showboatin’ @Creek and Cave, March 8th 9pm
*Comedy Schmomedy @Parkside,  March 5th at 7pm
*Comedy on Franklin @ 739 Franklin February 28th, 10pm
*goodbye blue monday, Bushwick, February 28th, 10pm
*Comedy on Franklin @ 739 Franklin, February 14th, 10pm
*Comedy Schmomedy @ Parkside Lounge, December 29th, 9pm
*r/standup @ Upright Citizens Brigade East, December 17th, 11pm
*Happy Good Time Party @ Botanica, November 17, 11pm
*The David Duchovny Comedy Hour @ Eastville Comedy Club, November 5, 9pm
*Death Comedy Jam w/ Justin Williams@ The Creek Thurs Oct 11th
*Hostel Show hosted by Matt Nedostup & Emmy Blotnick Friday October 12 8pm
*PIT NYC, The GLOCdown, Tuesday October 16 8pm
*Old Post Tavern, guest player w/ FSU Friday October 19th 7pm
*Jenn Dodd’s Character Show Oct 27th, Saturday at 8pm @ The Pit
*Comic Strip Live, Tuesday October 9th, 10pm  
*UCB East, Tales of the Cosmos w/ Adam Wade Saturday October 6th 7pm
*The Creek & the Cave, Out of Character w/ Shakir Standley September 29th Saturday 8pm
*Eastville Comedy Club - The Matthew Mcconaughy Hour w/ Adam Garland & Alex Rogers August 28th 9pm
*Rumpy’s Tavern, Lenox, Mass Sunday August 19th 8pm  
*Bootleg Podcast with Dio and Benel, Saturday August 18th
*Amsterdam/103rd Hostel Show hosted by Mike Cannon & Dan Hirshon
*Hostel Show hosted by Mike Cannon/Dan Hirshon: July 16
*Rumpy’s Tavern, Lenox, Mass Sunday July 8th 8pm
*Comics for the 99% Mayday at UCB East, May 1st, 8pm
*Improv Performance guesting w/ Funny Side Up: July 21st in Fairfield, CT at The Shack
*Luca Lounge, 7pm, Feb 29th at Connotation Show hosted by Emily Epstein/Selena Coppock/Dan Cartwright. 
*Eastville Comedy Club March 13th @9pm, on the Not Just a Bunch of White Guys Comedy Show (hosted by Two White Guys)