A weird, atypical presence in the NYC comedy scene,
Kat Burdick is slowly crawling her way along the wall of comedy.
There is no hill. There is no finish line.
These guys OD and die when they’re the best.
It’s a horror show. 


Kat Burdick has the distinction of being the biggest loser in Stand Up  who functionally performs the art form.
She laughs openly at other people’s jokes.
She goes home after the comedy part of the evening ends but before the cocaine part really gets going.
She's been declared the "Best Comedian Alive" by DOZENS of up and coming 5th graders, NONE of whom know she does this for a living.

(That living belongs to whichever Scrooge McDuck owns the EZ-Pass system. )

Yet here she is anyway, even with the palpable shame. The girl can't help it. 

Jewish? Naw. Catholic.

This is a window to a rising comedian steeped in the classics, a comedic obsessive who means bidness. 

A sloooooooooow tortoise with a surprising race record. 
What’s going to come of all this?…Who could know?! 
YOU should stay tuned to watch it happen!

*You can join the secret list by emailing “Secret List” as a headline to thekatburdick@gmail.com, because if you do, and she DOES get huge (non pants category), you get privileges based on number. Like the StoneCutters. You don't wanna be under Lenny. 

The Lite Version?

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